Celebrities Join Pfizer's "Kno...

Celebrities Join Pfizer's "Know Plan Go" Campaign: Raising Awareness and Backlash

Celebrities Join Pfizer's "Know Plan Go" Campaign: Raising Awareness and Backlash

Apr 21, 2024 10:37 PM Joaquimma Anna

Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, recently launched the "Know Plan Go" campaign to raise awareness about the risks of severe COVID-19 for high-risk individuals. The campaign features celebrities like actress Jean Smart, musician Pink, record producer Questlove, and Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. These celebrities share their personal stories and the factors that put them at higher risk for complications from COVID-19.

Understanding the "Know Plan Go" Message

The "Know Plan Go" campaign urges those at high risk to:

  • Know: Understand the factors that increase their vulnerability to severe COVID-19 complications.
  • Plan: Have a discussion with their healthcare providers about preparing for potential infection.
  • Go: If they test positive, quickly seek advice about authorized COVID-19 treatment options.

Controversy and Criticism

The campaign has sparked both support and considerable backlash among vaccine skeptics and others who criticize pharmaceutical companies for their promotion of COVID-19 treatments. Some argue that it undermines public health messaging around vaccination and prevention, while others praise the initiative for highlighting the continued risks for vulnerable populations.


Important Note: The COVID-19 pandemic remains a dynamic situation. It's crucial to consult with your healthcare provider and reliable sources like the CDC for the most up-to-date guidance on prevention and treatment.

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