Dazzling and Unconventional: A Closer Lo...

Dazzling and Unconventional: A Closer Look at Kat Von D's Wedding Ring

Dazzling and Unconventional: A Closer Look at Kat Von D's Wedding Ring

May 09, 2024 07:41 PM Joaquimma Anna

Katherine von Drachenberg, better known as Kat Von D, is a renowned tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and television personality known for her edgy style and unconventional beauty. When she announced her engagement to Prayers frontman Leafar Seyer (born Rafael Reyes) in 2018, fans were eager to see the bold and unique wedding ring that she would choose. Kat Von D did not disappoint, selecting a ring as striking and original as her persona.

A Design as Bold as Her Persona

True to form, Kat Von D opted for a ring that defied tradition. Designed in collaboration with the renowned jewelry team at The Great Frog London, the ring features an elaborate double-skull design. Two large, intricately detailed skulls flank a stunning black diamond center stone, with smaller black diamonds adorning the intricate band.

The Great Frog, a jewelry store favored by rock icons and known for its gothic-inspired designs, was a fitting choice for Kat Von D's unconventional aesthetic. The ring's dark and edgy style perfectly reflects her alternative tastes and rebellious spirit.

Symbolism in the Design

Beyond its striking appearance, Kat Von D's wedding ring holds some poignant symbolism:

  • Skulls: While some may find skulls morbid, for Kat Von D, they represent both the beauty and inevitability of death, reminding her to embrace life to the fullest.
  • Black Diamonds: These gemstones are a less conventional choice for wedding rings but represent unwavering love, protection, and a connection to the underworld in some cultures.
  • Shared Aesthetic: The edgy style of the ring reflects a shared aesthetic with her husband, Leafar Seyer, whose alternative music echoes a similar dark romanticism.

Reactions to the Ring

Kat Von D's wedding ring garnered mixed reactions. Her dedicated fanbase admired the individuality and bold beauty of the design. Others found the skulls and overall dark aesthetic unconventional for a wedding ring. However, Kat Von D has always stayed true to her unique vision, regardless of others' expectations.

The Legacy of the Ring

While Kat Von D and Leafar Seyer's marriage ended in 2020, the ring remains a testament to their once-celebrated love and her enduring bold style. Kat Von D's defiance of traditional bridal jewelry norms sparked conversations about individuality and self-expression in wedding traditions. Her ring became an iconic representation of alternative wedding style, inspiring others to choose unconventional pieces that reflect their personal tastes and stories.

Beyond the Wedding

Kat Von D continues to inspire with her fearless creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. While her wedding ring was a striking expression of her personality at a particular moment in time, it is merely one facet of her ever-evolving image. She remains a champion of alternative aesthetics, encouraging others to embrace their individuality.



Kat Von D's wedding ring is more than just jewelry. It's a statement piece reflecting her distinctive style, alternative vision, and willingness to break with convention. The ring reminds us that weddings, like all aspects of life, are opportunities to express our individuality and celebrate the things that make us unique.

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