Humidifiers in The Sims 4: Finding Those...

Humidifiers in The Sims 4: Finding Those Elusive Objects

Humidifiers in The Sims 4: Finding Those Elusive Objects

Apr 11, 2024 01:34 AM Joaquimma Anna

While not explicitly named "humidifiers" in The Sims 4, several items exist that players have lovingly nicknamed as such, adding a touch of realism and ambiance to their Sims' homes. If you're looking to enhance your gameplay with these subtle details, here's where to find them and why they're popular additions.

Why Do Players Want Humidifiers?

  • Realistic Aesthetics: Humidifiers, with their gentle mist, offer a cozy and modern touch to Sims bedrooms, bathrooms, or living spaces.
  • Roleplay Elements: They're frequently used by players who enjoy creating realistic scenarios, particularly for Sims with allergies, dry skin, or those living in arid climates.
  • Mood Enhancement: Some players believe that the objects, visually similar to essential oil diffusers, create a calming spa-like atmosphere.

Where to Find "Humidifiers" in The Sims 4

  1. "Seasons" Expansion Pack: The floor-standing "Cool Breeze Evaporative Cooler" functions as a large humidifier. Find it in Build/Buy mode under Appliances > Miscellaneous.

  2. "Spa Day" Game Pack: The tabletop "Object of Ambiance" emits a subtle steam. Locate it in Build/Buy Mode under Decorative > Miscellaneous.

  3. Custom Content (CC): Numerous talented Sims 4 creators have designed more realistic-looking humidifier objects. For smaller, tabletop humidifiers, search reputable CC sites.

Popular CC Humidifier Sources

Important Notes:

  • Custom Content: CC requires manual installation. Ensure you download from trusted creators and follow their installation instructions.
  • Functionality: Most "humidifiers" in Sims 4 are purely decorative. Search for functional mods if looking for gameplay effects.


  • Sims Community - Functional Humidifier Mod: 
  • NICKNAME_sims4 blog: 

Let the Atmosphere Mist!

Whether you seek realism, roleplay depth, or a touch of modern comfort in your Sim's home, these "humidifiers" are excellent additions.

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