Iron Fellowship: Unlocking the Secrets o...

Iron Fellowship: Unlocking the Secrets of Destiny 2's Iron Banner Armor Sets

Iron Fellowship: Unlocking the Secrets of Destiny 2's Iron Banner Armor Sets

May 08, 2024 08:23 PM Joaquimma Anna

In the competitive world of Destiny 2, the Iron Banner stands as a test of skill and a source of exclusive rewards. Among the most coveted of these prizes are the Iron Fellowship armor sets. Their striking appearance and unique perks make them highly sought-after by Guardians. This article delves into everything you need to know about Iron Fellowship armor in Destiny 2.

What is the Iron Banner?

  • Recurring PvP Event: The Iron Banner is a limited-time Crucible event hosted by Lord Saladin in Destiny 2. It features its own game modes and offers unique rewards.
  • Rewards: Players earn Iron Banner tokens by participating, which can be exchanged for exclusive weapons, armor, and other loot.
  • Increased Power Levels: Historically, Iron Banner events featured power-enabled combat, meaning your overall Power Level impacted gameplay. However, recent events have seen a shift towards power equalization.

How to Obtain Iron Fellowship Armor

  • Rank-Up Packages: The primary way to earn Iron Fellowship armor pieces is by progressing through Lord Saladin's Iron Banner ranks. Each rank-up rewards you with an Iron Banner-themed package with a chance to contain an armor piece.
  • Focusing: In recent seasons, players gained the ability to focus Iron Banner Engrams, increasing their chances of obtaining specific pieces of Iron Fellowship armor. This adds a level of control to obtaining the desired gear.
  • Limited Availability: Remember, Iron Fellowship armor is only available for direct acquisition during Iron Banner events, which occur a few times per season.

Iron Fellowship Armor in Action: Perks and Usage

  • Intrinsic Perk: Recent seasons have seen Iron Fellowship armor sets feature a unique Intrinsic Perk called "Iron Lord's Pride". This perk activates within Iron Banner matches, granting a small boost to ability regeneration after final blows.
  • Customization: As with Destiny 2 armor, Iron Fellowship pieces accept various ornaments and shaders, allowing personalization.
  • Power Considerations: In most Destiny 2 activities, armor is purely cosmetic and does not affect Power levels. However, if the Iron Banner reintroduces power-enabled modes, then higher Power Level armor will become advantageous.

History and Legacy of Iron Fellowship Armor

Iron Fellowship armor sets hold a special place within Destiny lore and gameplay:

  • Design Evolution: The visual design of Iron Fellowship armor has evolved over time. Early sets featured weathered aesthetics in line with the original themes of Iron Banner. Recent sets boast bold, knight-inspired looks that many Guardians adore.
  • Rarity and Prestige: Owning a complete set of Iron Fellowship armor carries a certain prestige among Destiny 2 players due to its limited availability and past ties to Power Level advantages.



Destiny 2's Iron Fellowship armor sets offer a compelling combination of striking visuals, gameplay benefits, and exclusivity. Their limited-time availability makes them a coveted prize, reminding Guardians of their Iron Banner triumphs. Whether for power, fashion, or a sense of accomplishment, Iron Fellowship armor sets continue to hold a prominent place in the world of Destiny 2.

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