Letter to Bill: All About My First Year...

Letter to Bill: All About My First Year at Hogwarts

Letter to Bill: All About My First Year at Hogwarts

Apr 24, 2024 08:37 PM Joaquimma Anna

Dear Bill,

You won't believe the year I've had! Imagine my surprise when I got my Hogwarts acceptance letter. I know Mum and Dad were proud, but I don't think they quite understood how my whole world was about to change.

Getting to Hogwarts itself was an adventure. Did you know Platform 9 ¾ is hidden? Luckily, I met this really nice family, the Weasleys, who helped me find it. Ron and I became instant friends on the Hogwarts Express – we even shared a compartment with a girl named Hermione who's practically the brightest witch of our age.

The Sorting Ceremony was a little nerve-wracking, but I was thrilled to end up in Gryffindor just like you! Classes have been amazing. Charms is tricky, but I'm getting good at levitating things. Potions is fascinating and kind of like cooking, only way more exciting. Professor Snape seems strict, though.

Of course, it wasn't all studying. We played Quidditch (I'm the youngest Seeker in a century!), solved a mystery involving a giant three-headed dog, and even faced off against You-Know-Who. It was scary, but I learned just how brave I could be.

Can't wait to come home for the summer and tell you all the details. Maybe you can even teach me some spells?

Love, [Your Name]


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