The Best Town Hall 5 Base Layouts for Cl...

The Best Town Hall 5 Base Layouts for Clash of Clans

The Best Town Hall 5 Base Layouts for Clash of Clans

Apr 11, 2024 12:43 AM Joaquimma Anna

In Clash of Clans, reaching Town Hall 5 opens up new buildings, troops, and possibilities in both attack and defense. A well-designed base is crucial for protecting your resources, trophies, and ensuring success in clan wars. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best Town Hall 5 base layouts, along with strategies to help you choose the right setup.

Key Defensive Considerations at Town Hall 5

  • Centralized Town Hall: Since defending the Town Hall is vital for winning a defense, place it at the core of your base.
  • Mortar Protection: The Mortar is your most potent defensive weapon at Town Hall 5. Keep it well-protected and centralized to maximize its range.
  • Air Defense Coverage: While less likely to face full air assaults, it's wise to place your Air Defense so it covers key buildings.
  • Compartmentalization: Divide your base into compartments to slow down attacking troops and make it harder for them to reach everything.

Popular Town Hall 5 Base Layouts

  1. Anti-Giant Layout: Focuses on mitigating massed Giant attacks, a common strategy at this level. Position your Mortar centrally and surround it with defenses and Walls to hinder Giants.

  2. Anti-Air Layout: Designed to counter Balloon-based attacks. Place the Air Defense centrally, surrounded by Archer Towers and Cannons to provide good coverage.

  3. Farming Layout: Prioritizes protecting your storages. Place your Gold and Elixir storages within a heavily defended core compartment.

  4. Hybrid Layout: Aims for a balance between trophy defense and resource protection. Town Hall and key defenses are central, while some storages are strategically placed outside to encourage attackers to go for them instead of pushing for the core of the base.

Top Town Hall 5 Base Links

Tips for Choosing Your Base

  • Playing Style: Consider whether you focus on farming resources, pushing trophies, or want a more balanced approach.
  • Frequent Attack Types: Observe what troops your clanmates are attacked with in wars and adjust your base accordingly.
  • Copy and Customize: Use the provided links as a starting point, and adjust them to your preferences.


  • Clash of Clans Builder: [invalid URL removed] (Tool for designing and sharing base layouts)
  • YouTube: Search for "Town Hall 5 Base Layouts Clash of Clans" to find video guides and strategies.

Remember, a great base is just one factor in your Clash of Clans success. Upgrade your troops, learn attacking strategies, and join an active clan to further elevate your game!

Let me know if you'd like examples with images or more specific analyses of the different base types!

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